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Letter of appreciation

As salaamu Alaikum wa rahamatullahi wa barakatu

Re: Letter of appreciation

My name is Abu-Baker. I am a revert Muslim for 16 years. All praise is due to Allah Ta’ala for guiding me to Islam.

During the years, I have been through many tests. I got sick with problems in my stomach. I could not work for over 5 years. As I did not have an income and could not afford to pay high rental to rent. I had to build a shack on my sister’s land in Newlands. I had to pay her an amount of R750.00 per month. I could not sit and do nothing. Someone introduced me to Darul Ihsan. I had a meeting with Moulana after which he assisted me with a tuckshop starter pack and Moulana also helped me for a few months with rent to pay my sister.

In 14 months I turned the starter pack tuckshop money into R24 000.00 worth of stock. Alhamdulillah, we became self-sufficient and were doing well. Unfortunately, there were neighbours who were jealous because of our success and also because we were not originally from the area, so they burnt down everything. We were left homeless for a while.

With every difficulty comes ease. Dua and asking from Allah Ta’ala and running around to different municipality offices, we managed to get a R.D.P. house in Savannah Park. I had to go again to Moulana at Darul Ihsan and once again he came to the fore by assisting me with another tuckshop starter pack. It did not quite work out this time around as when we were out for a weekend to visit my in-laws, there was a break-in and the tuckshop was looted.

I had to find a part-time job because of health reasons. In the interim, Moulana had assisted me on many occasions assisting me in buying a fridge, school fees, stationery, school clothing and other items.

I am very grateful to Moulana and everyone at Darul Ihsan. Most importantly I want to thank all those who sponsor in whichever way to Darul Ihsan to alleviate the poverty stricken people. Without sponsors and kind hearted and thoughtful people like you, we who require the assistance will be left begging. On behalf of all those who have and still receive assistance, I want to say thank you. You will be rewarded in both Duniya and Aakirat. Ameen.




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