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Widow living in Kwa-Mashu

Dear Darul Ihsan

I am an adult female widow living in Kwa-Mashu. I and my eldest son became Muslims in 2008.

In February 2009 my son went missing for two months.

I searched everywhere for him - in hospitals, mortuaries, prisons, etc. but could not find him.

In May 2009, I went back to the mortuary in Phoenix. I told them about my missing son and they said they found two bodies at Ntuzuma ‘but they’re burnt.’

I contacted Hajee Musa Salim from Darul Ihsan Centre. He does community work in our area.

I requested his assistance and he immediately came to my mother’s house and took me to the Phoenix mortuary to identify the body.

My family are Christians and when Hajee Musa and I explained to my mother how Muslims bury their loved ones she and my family did not want to listen to any of it.

However, in a most humble manner, Hajee Musa told me not to worry, that Darul Ihsan can help to bury my son.

The following day, Hajee Musa took me to the mortuary, but upon arrival, the body of my son was not there. When I questioned the clerk he said that an aunt from Lindelani took my son’s body - claiming that it was her son. When I had found my son, his body was at a funeral parlour in Berea.

The circumstances of the death of my son are too traumatic for me, but Alhamdulillah, I found my son’s remains with the help of Hajee Musa from Darul Ihsan.

Hajee Musa was supportive throughout and even though he couldn’t change the burial circumstances Darul Ihsan covered all the costly expenses of the funeral parlour.

After the funeral, my family disowned and chased me and my kids away. Shortly thereafter I found a place to live in Newlands East.

I approached Darul Ihsan again for assistance and, Alhamdulillah, they assisted me and continue do so for me and my children.

Jazakallah and Shukran to all at Darul Ihsan for your noble assistance.



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