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Social Department

Muslims world over find themselves facing many ideological and social challenges. Various ills have taken root in society resulting in marital discord, divorce, child abuse, suicide, drug abuse and dereliction of duty becoming rife in Muslim society.

However, despite this, Muslims must be grateful that Islam provides a unique value system that allows people to effectively overcome the challenges facing them. This is unlike other nations that are trying to remedy their problems through a flawed system destined to create further complexity.

A prominent Muslim thinker wisely states : “Critics will point out the many domestic problems in Muslim societies today similar to the problems in the West. True. But that should not blind us to the key difference between the two. The problems in the West are a result of the value system adopted by it; those in Muslim homes result from deviating from their values. One is suffering by taking the wrong medicine, the other for failing to take the right one.”

The Social Department of Darul Ihsan is committed to promoting this unique value system through counselling, empowerment and education. Activities of this department are provided on a pro-bono basis and include:

•    Counselling
Marriage counselling is a service provided for spouses experiencing difficulty in managing their relationship. This service is also helpful for those not experiencing difficulty, but wish to enrich their marriage. Individuals and parties present themselves at the Centre’s offices and matters are discussed in confidence.

Parties who do not wish to present themselves at the Centre may take advantage of the various other forms of counselling and advisory facilities available.  These include a tele-counselling service and assistance via email, skype and sms.

•    Pre-marital Counselling
The Centre provides pre-marital counselling and guidance on marriage management for newlyweds. Specific courses and workshops are held  The marriage journey is unpacked with emphasis on Islamic values and perspectives.

•    Mediation & Dispute resolution
Mediation has been dubbed as the short and inexpensive way to dispute resolution. Mediation is a process whereby an expert facilitator attempts to bring two parties to an acceptable resolution to their dispute.

The Centre provides this pro bono service to the community. Mediation is highly encouraged for parties seeking an amicable end to their disputes.

•    Literature & Education
A wide range of educational literature is distributed on social related matters free of charge. Flyers, posters, articles and audios are downloadable from our website www.darulihsan.com. General public programs on Social matters are convened addressing specific problem areas within the community. For updates on programs watch our website events calendar or subscribe to our electronic newsletter.

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