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Hearing Qur’an and Islamic talks while doing something elseQ.I want to know whether I can hear the Qur’an or hear talks from islamic scholars while working on some software code or while playing games?

Wasawis: Satanic WhispersQ. I've been suffering from very strong wasawis for a long time. Recently it has caused me a lot of stress. A lot of times I think things or say thing in my mind then feel guilty afterwards and say Astagfirullah.

Muslim Marriages Bill Question: There is a lot of confusion about Muslim Marriages Bill that has been recently released by the Minister of Justice. The public is getting mixed signals from different Ulemas and Jamiats. This is definitely a serious issue that affects every Muslim in our country. What is the position of your organisation on this issue and what are we as ordinary Muslims required to do about it? Please advice. Shukran.

Q: I would like to know regarding present day Nasheeds whether they are permissible to listen to or not when their content (words and meanings) are correct and also there are no musical instruments. (E.g. Zain Bhika, Junaid Jamshed).

What is the correct date of birth of our beloved Nabi (SAW)?Q: What is the correct date of birth of our beloved Nabi (Sallalahu Alaihi Wasallam)?

Valentine's DayQ: Kindly explain the Shar'i ruling on married couples exchanging gifts amongst themselves especially on Valentine's Day?

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