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Education Department


The importance of education in Islam can be gleaned from the very first verses of divine revelation wherein Allah Ta'ala makes mention of the acquisition of knowledge via the pen and that He has taught man what he knows not. The noble traditions of the Prophet (SAW) abound with the obligation and virtues of acquiring knowledge. The superiority of man over the angels is based on knowledge.

Darul Ihsan's Education Department conducts important services for the benefit of the community in this field.

  • Muslim School Evaluation

Darul Ihsan offers a free evaluation service to Muslim Schools for their Islamic studies department. Alhamdulillah, the Islamiyat Evaluation has been carried out at four schools, viz. Zakariyya Muslim School (Stanger), Al Falah College (Durban) and the As Salaam Institute (Breamer), Orient Islamic School (Durban).

It is no secret that often when secular and Islamic subjects are combined in a syllabus, the secular studies tend to take preference over the latter. Hence, the evaluation process is an endeavour to find a balance and help improve the Islamic studies in the school. The assessment serves to ascertain the general level of Ta'leem and a report is prepared and presented to the school, identifying areas of improvement. Suggestions and recommendations are offered with ideas and experiences shared, all in order to enhance the standard of Islamic Ta'leem. A comprehensive assessment report is submitted to the Board and Administration, detailing our recommendations.

  • "Siyaphambili Madrasah" – Westridge, Durban

"Siyaphambili Madrasah" in Westridge is the first pilot maktab in the townships undertaken by Darul Ihsan. The Education committee is planning a structured syllabus for 2010, Insha Allah.

Darul Ihsan intends to initiate other Makaatib in various underprivileged areas in the near future, Insha-Allah.
Madrasah Abraar, Sea Cow Lake, Durban


  • Darul Ihsan runs its own Madrasah for Hifz & High School boys called "Madrasah Abraar." The Education Department runs and supervises the Hifz, High School and Gr.5 Madrasah boys' classes, which is situated at Masjid Taqwa in Sea Cow lake, next to Darul Ihsan's offices.
  • Muslim School Advisory Service

The Ameer of Darul Ihsan, Mufti Zubair Bayat serves on the board of the Al Falah College and serves in an advisory capacity to numerous Muslim schools, such as Phoenix Muslim School, Orient Islamic School, Anjuman Islam School and Zakariyya Muslim School.

  • School Programmes

The Education Department regularly conduct programs at various Muslim Schools to educate and create a general Islamic awareness within the learners.

  • "Learn-the-Deen" – Revert classes for males and females

The "Learn the Deen" program provides basic Islamic education to males and females on separate days.
Darul Ihsan records its gratitude to the volunteer female teachers for their sterling service in this program.

Key points:

  1. "Siyapambhili Madrasah" operated by Darul Ihsan in Westridge is a pilot township Madrasah
  2. Madrasah Abrar, Darul Ihsan's boys' Madrasah operates at Masjid Taqwa in Sea Cow Lake and in incorporates a Hifz class as well as High School boys classes
  3. Mufti Zubair Bayat, Ameer of Darul Ihsan serves on Al Falah School Board and is an advisor to Orient School, Phoenix Muslim School and others



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