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Literature Collection Project


Islamic literature or any other medium containing Islamic content should be highly revered. When the use of such writings no longer remains, it should be stored or alternatively disposed of in a respectful manner.

The Literature Collection Project is an initiative to assist the community in this regard.

The process begins when unwanted or used Islamic literature is placed in a Darul Ihsan Literature Collection Unit which is available in various Masajid and Islamic Centres throughout KZN. After collection, it is sorted out into reusable and unusable literature and thereafter is either distributed to worthy recipients or Islamically disposed off. Qurans and Kitaabs (books) are then distributed to outlaying areas and neighbouring countries. Recipients include Islamic libraries, Islamic Dawah Centres, Makatib (Madrasahs) and Masajid, etc.

Alhamdulillah, this project has received tremendous public support and from humble beginnings, the units are now found in approximately 52 Masajid and Islamic Centres around KZN.

Due to the popularity of this project, numerous requests were received to initiate it in other provinces as well, which is to be activated soon, Insha-Allah.

Some of the Masajid where the Darul Ihsan Literature Collection Unit can be found:

Darul Ihsan Office Greytown Masjid Westville Jumma Masjid
North Beach Musallah Verulam - Quwwatul Islam Verulam - Lotusville Masjid
Verulam - Sunni Masjid Isipingo Beach Masjid Umhlanga Rocks Masjid
Westville Soofi Masjid Reservoir Hills Masjid Parlock - Masjid Yusuf
Shallcross - Quwwatul Islam Masjid Stanger Jamia Masjid
Empangeni Masjid Sherwood Musallah PMB - Masjid Saaliheen
PMB - Mountain Rise Masjid PMB - Raisethorpe Masjid PMB - Centre Masjid
Overport - Sparks Road Masjid Camperdown Masjid Umzinto Masjid
Port Shepstone  - Albersville Overport - Masjid Hilaal Durban - West Street
Tongaat Masjid UKZN (UDW) Musallah UKZN (Howard) Musallah
Isipingo Hills Masjid Spencer Rd Masjid Inchanga Musallah
Umkomaas Masjid Asherville - Masjid Noor Sea Cow Lake - Masjid Taqwa
Chatsworth - Havenside Masjid Pinetown Masjid Northway Musallah
Chatsworth - Woodview Masjid Chatsworth - Silverglen Masjid Queensbridge Masjid  
Greyville - Orient School Merebank Masjid Phoenix - Sunford Masjid
Phoenix - Spine Road Masjid Phoenix - Stanmore Musallah Clairwood - Junction Masjid

Key Points:

  1. 52 units have been placed in various KZN Masajid
  2. Numerous requests from other provinces being received. Matter receiving attention, Insha-Allah
  3. Good literature was packaged and sent to various places and countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, etc.



  • Mahr Fatimi: R20 493.73
  • Minimum Mahr: R409.87
  • Zakaah Nisaab: R8197.49
  • Fidya: R20.00

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