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Darul Ihsan Centre Borehole Project

The boreholes are exclusively drilled at masajid/musallahs and Islamic institutions.

However, if an area has no “Islamic” centre or masjid then Darul Ihsan Centre considers drilling the borehole at the local police station or any other suitable public centre, with the proviso that there is proper/responsible management of the borehole.

Since the need is greater, boreholes are only dug in South Africa. The drilling of boreholes can cost between R60 000 and R90 000 each/per project – including the equipment of the pumps.

Full donations may be given for the complete drilling of a borehole or part payment/contributions may be made towards any borehole project.

Hereunder is a thank you letter for the latest borehole dug in Mobeni Hospital, south of Durban.

Muslim Empowerment Fund

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