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Darul Ihsan builds new dwelling for a family

Assalaamu alaikum

I’m a father of two children and husband to a wife who has lived patiently for many years in an old dilapidated wooden structure behind the main building of a property.

Owing to unemployment, I sometimes get contract jobs as a fitter, however, during this lockdown period the economic situation got much worse for me and my family.

The dwelling we lived in got more dilapidated with wide gaps between the timber planks resulting in extreme cold for my family with rain leaking into the dwelling through the gaps.

In desperation I approached Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre for assistance towards some form of repair to the dwelling. Members of the centre visited the site and upon inspection undertook to ‘rebuild’ the entire existing structure as a new ‘Wendy House’ project.

I really thank the Darul Ihsan Centre for rebuilding of our dwelling which my family regard as our ‘new home.’

I cannot find the words to describe how happy and grateful we are. May Almighty Allah bless and reward the Centre and their families for helping my family and I by providing us with this ‘new home’ which includes a bathroom and toilet.

I especially would like to thank the Maulana who gave us consideration for our new dwelling.

May Allah Ta’ala grant all with good.



  • Mahr Fatimi: R19145.89
  • Minimum Mahr: R382.91
  • Zakaah Nisaab: R7658.35
  • Fidya: R20.00

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