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Acknowledgement of support to Northdale clinic

Good evening Mr Abdul Saeed. I trust you are well. I Sr.L.Bennie the operational manager of Northdale clinic in Pietermaritzburg would like to thank the Darulihsan Humanitarian center for it's support to the community that uses the clinic.

Before Covid 19 Farzana with her group of helpers would give out food packages of sandwiches, fruit and water on a weekly basis to the patients. This was appreciated by the community because some of the patients come from impoverished communities and sometimes dont have any food to eat before coming to the clinic.

During the lockdown the support was given to the tracer teams that went out into the communities to screen and test. Here again sandwiches and water was given to these teams. A huge thank you for that because the Department of Health did not supply any refreshments for the volunteers.

The clinic received hand sanitizers, face masks and water during lockdown.The sandwiches were sent to the clinic for distribution to the patients.

The support received is acknowledged and greatly appreciated and I hope that it is a lasting relationship.A big thank you to the ladies who take the time to come to the clinic and distribute to the patients.May God bless and keep you all for what you do.

Thank you.

Kind regards.




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