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Adapting to the ‘new normal’

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic opportunities for employment, job creation, business enterprise, etc. have been drastically impacted.

While the traditional way of doing business would not entirely disappear, adapting to the ‘new normal’ circumstances ushered in by the pandemic requires new and innovative ways of not only doing business but also for business survival.

Mohamed’s metal fabrication and installation business was adversely affected by the COVID-19 lockdown and he had to adapt and act quickly to avoid a financial crisis.

Mohamed had an innovative concept of how to garner new business in these circumstances, however, he was at a want for finances to give the concept impetus.

This prompted him to approach Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre and seek financial assistance to moot his idea.

Assalaamu Alaikum


Masha Allah, with your organisation’s assistance I was able to reactivate my business resulting in me being less stressed and able to achieve my goal to provide for my family.

May Allah grant you and your fellow members all the riches in this world for the great work Darul Ihsan is doing for humanity.

Kind regards





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