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I am still in shock!

Having to care for five children, their school fees, clothing, medical, transport, food provisions, etc. is not easy for a single parent mom. The father of the children assists if and when he feels like!

This has become a common phenomenon especially when I, the mother, has custody of the children. It's still the responsibility of the father to take care financially of the children - irrespective of the custody issue.

Being a single mother is not easy – but being a single unemployed mother of five children is overwhelming - and the huge bills have to be met month after month!

I have no idea how it was that I heard of Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre – by the time I got to their office I had lost all hope that there would be some relief in my life.

Yet, within a little while of my meeting the welfare person of the centre I was not only given a hearing but was rendered the desperately needed assistance within a short period.

“Jazak Allah from my heart, I was really not expecting such a huge help. I am still in shock! May Almighty reward you and all in your office and keep all of you in good health and mind to keep on helping those in need AAMEEN.”

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