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I am Indeed Grateful to the Muslim Community …. at the Time of Need

My late wife (may Allah grant her Jannah) and I reverted to Islam many years ago

My wife passed away after succumbing to cancer and I immediately sought support to bury her according to Islamic rites. This was easier said than done. My wife’s family made it very difficult for this to happen. Upon her death in hospital her family took her body and stored it at a non-Muslim undertaker. The undertaker refused to release her body to me and demanded R25 000 for an un-Islamic burial.

I contacted Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre (DHC) in Overport, Durban and explained my dilemma to them. The DHC office immediately assisted me by connecting me to the Islamic Burial Council who in turn sought legal facilitation through a Muslim attorney and engagement with a Muslim Advocate to bring a High Court application for a restraining order against the family of my late wife who desisted a Muslim burial for my late wife.

Alhamdulillah, we were successful in winning the case. The body was removed from the non-Muslim undertaker, ghusl was performed and deceased was buried in a Muslim cemetery.

The legal costs of the attorney and the advocate was brought down to 25% and the Muslim community at large footed the bill.

I express my most sincere and heartfelt thanks to all those who supported me when it seemed almost impossible that my late wife would be given a Muslim burial.

My Allah Ta’ala bless you all.

I would like to inform all those/reverts who might be in a similar situation to sign indemnity forms for request for burial according to Islamic rites.

I subsequently learnt that DHC have such forms in place (at no cost) to facilitate and avoid the difficult circumstances that I had been through.



  • Mahr Fatimi: R19145.89
  • Minimum Mahr: R382.91
  • Zakaah Nisaab: R7658.35
  • Fidya: R20.00

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