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Take-Away Meals Boxed in-Style

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre assists many individuals for micro and small business start-ups so that they can be self-employed, empowered and even potentially provide employment to others.

Haroun, a local resident, started a fast food/snack type business keeping in mind that – apart from making certain that food supplied is freshly prepared using the best ingredients – the manner in which it is packaged and presented must win over the customer.

The fast food business is highly competitive and Haroun understands that standing out from the ‘crowd’ is absolutely essential to survive.

Haroun launched his fast food business by packing customer food orders in eye-catching boxes which made his fast food business stand out from the rest and, hopefully, be an impetus to grow in an aggressive market.


Assalaamu Alaikum

Dear Maulana

I hereby write this letter to personally thank you for everything you and the staff of Darul Ihsan, including the donors, have done for me.

My business would not have been ‘up and running’ today if it wasn’t for assistance from Darul Ihsan and your priceless mentorship.

I say shukran most sincerely and I pray Allah grants you and your family the highest stage of Jannat and also gives you long life so you may continue with the work of deen.

In general I thank all the donors and sponsors of Darul Ihsan for their gracious contribution and I pray Allah grant the organisation more so you can continue to help many more.

Yours in Islam

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre



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