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Welfare Department - Success Story

Welfare Department

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre’s Welfare Department receives many requests from individuals and families for assistance for a host of difficulties they may encounter.

Amongst these difficulties are requirements for transportation, rehabilitation, eviction, abandonment, etc.

In a recent case, a family (mother and three children) from abroad was abandoned by her husband and, for two years, the mother and her children somehow survived with hand-outs from the community, shelter provision from kind friends and benevolent families and even assistance provided by welfare organisations.

However, the situation had become very difficult for the family and the mother approached the Welfare Department for assistance for her and her children to go back to their home and their family.

The Welfare Department carefully assessed the family’s predicament and after much consideration made an informed decision to provide the funds to return them back home to their family and country of origin.

As a gesture of gratitude the mother wrote the following:


My name is Afsha.

I got two children. I got so many problems and my husband is not with me so I am suffering with so many difficulties. I got house problem, food problem and others. Its very hard to stay here so I decide to go back my country. At least I got family there. Here I got no family so I came here by Darul Ihsan and they help me lot. They arrange ticket for me and for my children now I can go back.

Thank you so much for help.

Thankful to Darul Ihsan."

Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre



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