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My Loss

As a born Muslim I had my parents’ support until I decided to marry my “husband,” a non-Muslim which my family detested.

From my “husband,” I had three children – a boy and two girls – they are not Muslims till this day.
I loved my “husband” (I am using inverted commas because I was told later on that my “marriage” is not recognized according to Islamic Law) and I lived with him for 20 years until he one day ran away with another woman. My life with him was very challenging as he was an alcoholic and a drug addict. I was helpless since my family was angry with me for choosing a partner who was not a Muslim. Hence, I could not turn to them.

Now I live from hand to mouth – selling goods outside hospitals and along the roadside.
My son is a drug addict, does not work and is a total loss to society. Due to his demands I have taken an interdict against him since he becomes violent due to his bad habits.

There is nothing but stress in my life. I had made a bad choice in life and realized much later that my relationship was un-Islamic for which I make sincere repentance.

Sister in Islam

Darul Ihsan Centre comes across, on occasion, such cases which are indeed unfortunate.
It is disturbing to hear of the conditions people are living in with regard to the socio-economic and deepening ills of society.
Advice of parents is a key factor to a blissful marriage. Their duas are also essentially important in our lives as it was in our upbringing.



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