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Is it permissible to use lotions which contain alcohol

Q: Is it permissible to use lotions which contain alcohol, since there doesn’t seem to be any lotions which do not contain alcohol...And is it permissible to use perfumes which contain alcohol?

A: If the alcohol is made from ingredients other than grapes or dates and the medication does not intoxicate a person then it will be permissible to use the same for medicinal purposes. However, it is more precautious and better to utilise other suitable alternative medicines that are alcohol free especially if these are easily available.

Generally, the alcohol that is used in perfume is not the derived from grapes or dates. Hence, most of our Ulama have preferred the view that it will be permissible to use this type of a perfume/shampoo/soap for external reasons only, provided it does not have any other impure substance. However, if alcohol free perfumes/shampoos/soaps are available it will be preferable to use such alcohol free products.

Was Salaam

Shafique Jakhura (Mufti) MD Mangera (Mufti)

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