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Will Mazi (pre-coital fluid) make Ghusal necessary?

Q: I have a bit of a problem. At times when I'm watching TV and a scene of promiscuity or intimacy is screened, I discharge a liquid. I don't know if it's white or colourless. Later on however, I sometimes see white spots in my clothing. I only realise it came out after I feel little wetness. The same happens when I talk with female friends. Is Ghusal Fardh or can I just make wudhu and perform salaah?

A: It is not permissible to watch immoral scenes on television that arouse one’s passion. It is also sinful and detrimental for you to have female friends and speak to them casually or intimately. Islam promotes the concept of morality and chastity so that everyone in society can be protected from the harms that immorality brings. Moreover, a Muslim should be conscious that Allah Ta’ala is watching at all times and being disobedient to our Creator brings disgrace and deprivation. Make abundant Taubah and Istighfar for this, be remorseful for disobeying your Creator and resolve not to do this in future.

Regarding the wetness that is experienced then if it is Mazi (pre-coital fluid) Ghusal will not be necessary. If it is Mani (semen) Ghusal will be necessary. From your explanation, the discharge appears to be Mazi which breaks Wudhu only.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

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