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Q: Is there any proof from authentic ahadith of Qada Umari?

salaahQ: Could you please explain whether a single man can stand in the last row during Jama’ah Salah or does he have to touch the shoulder of one who is in front of him to join him in the last row?

Q: I read in an answer to a question titled "Method of Joining Prayers" by Mufti Taqi Usmani that a Masbuq should stand up right after the Imam's first Salam.

Q: I would like to know what is the minimum number of Muqtadis necessary for a Jamaat (apart from Jumaat which requires 3 Muqtadis apart from the Imam)? Kindly answer in light of Hanafi school of thought.

Q: It has come to my knowledge that some people observe certain Nawafil Salah by reciting any specific surah a certain number of times (that is more than once) in each Raka'ah after reading Surah Fatiha.

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