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The Musafir’s (Traveller's) Salah

Q: I have a question regarding a person who is a musaafir. If someone is visiting for a long while how many days are they still regarded a musaafir?

A: There are detailed laws regarding a Musafir. The following are the basics. More intricate and specific Masaail should be sought directly from the Ulama.

The Musafir’s (Traveller's) Salah

In Shari’at a person who intends to travel a distance of more than 77 kilometres (48 miles) is called a Musafir.

A person who travels more than 77 kilometres and intends to remain at one's destination for less than 15 days, is also a Musafir.

A Musafir who intends remaining at his destination for 15 days or more will only be a Musafir during his journey. Once he reaches his destination, he will not be a Musafir.

A Musafir should make Qasr (shorten) of the Zuhr, Asr and Esha (Fardh only), i.e. one must perform Two Fardh only instead of Four Rakaats.

There is no Qasr in the Fardh of Fajr and Maghrib. Similarly there is no Qasr of Witr, Sunnat or Nafl Salah.

A Musafir who performs his Salah behind a Muqeem Imaam (who is not a Musafir) should perform the full four Rakaats in the Zuhr, Asr and Esha Fardh.

Was Salaam

Shafique Jakhura (Mufti) MD Mangera (Mufti)

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