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Two types of martyrs

Q: Will a person who passes away as a result of the Coronavirus be regarded as a Shaheed (Martyr)? If so will there be Ghusal and Kafan?

A: There are two categories of martyrs;

1. One who is regarded as a martyr in both worldly terms and the hereafter.

2. One who is regarded as a martyr only in terms of the hereafter.

The first refers to a person who was martyred while fighting in the battlefield for the sake of Allah, or was killed unjustly defending his wealth and property.

There are special laws regarding Ghusal, Kafan, Burial, etc. that apply to this type of martyr.

The second category refers to a person who passes away through certain illness, in a plague, natural disaster, drowning, accident, etc. Such a person is awarded the rank, status and reward of a martyr in the hereafter. However, the special laws regarding Ghusl, Kafan and burial do not apply to such a martyr.

And Allah Knows Best

Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept.

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