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'Baby Shower'

Q: Please advise if the trend of a 'Baby Shower' is permissible. Can one host or attend such a function in Islam? 

A: The occasion of birth is a happy occasion for the parents and family of the newborn. For Muslims, every event and moment is governed by the blessed way of the Sunnah. Expressing happiness and giving gifts for the child to be is permissible and encouraged according to one’s means. However, to create a formal event for this purpose is not in keeping with Islamic teachings. People should be allowed to gift and visit informally according to their convenience and ability. A ‘baby shower’ is a western concept that makes it awkward and difficult for people and puts pressure on them to ‘bring that gift’. Hence, we strongly discourage this practice.

More important than the material gifts is for family and relatives to seek Allah Ta’ala’s protection and wellness for the child to be and to make dua for the goodness of the child’s future. These duas and good thoughts are more valuable for the child than the ‘material’ gifts of the world.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept.

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