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A Sea Cruise! Yes or No?

A Sea Cruise! Yes or No?Q: What is the Islamic ruling with regard to going on a sea cruise?

Q: What is the Islamic ruling with regard to going on a sea cruise?

A: The hadith discourages us from travelling by sea except for genuine valid reasons like Hajj, business etc. (Sunan Abi Dawood #2489, Sunanul Kubraa lil Baihaqi #8924, #8925, #11407)


It is well known that sea cruise trips promoted today have casinos, discos, bars, dance halls and a host of other immoral and Haraam activities on board. In such an environment the activities and conduct of most people would be un-Islamic and immoral. Being in an environment of immorality and sin is spiritually detrimental for a Muslim with a great possibility of one falling into sin. Hence, it is not appropriate for Muslims to undertake such leisure trips particularly when there is no necessity to do so.

The Shariah encourages us to keep good company and not go close to places of Zina and vice. The Noble Qur’an advises us that we should not incline to the ways of the transgressors and immoral people lest the fire afflicts us. (Surah Hud V.113).

Hence, Muslims should consciously endeavour not to go close to such places and activities where it would be difficult to avoid sin and suspicion of sin.

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best

Was Salaam

Shafiq Jakhura (Mufti)                 M.D. Mangera (Mufti)                                  
Fatwa Dept.                                     Fatwa Dept.

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