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Pertinent and often neglected aspects for Qurbani and Slaughtering.

Pertinent and often neglected aspects for Qurbani and Slaughtering.Ensure that the Qurbani animal fulfils the necessary conditions of Qurbani. It has been observed that some Muslims have been using under-age animals for Qurbani. This is invalid and Qurbani will not be discharged.

  • Cattle must be at least 2 years old, goats and sheep at least a year. However, only sheep that are more than 6 months old but appear to be like a year old are allowed.
  • The enclosure where the animal/animals are kept should be well ventilated with sufficient animal feed and water.
  • The place of slaughter should be positioned away from the view of other animals and with a reasonable supply of water and a pit/hole or outlet for blood.
  • Animals should be well treated and cared for. They should not be hurt, kicked, carelessly dragged around, unnecessarily frightened or given undue difficulty.
  • The knife should be sharp. Unfortunately Muslims have been particularly negligent in this respect. However, the knife should never be sharpened nor displayed in front of the animal/s.
  • It is masnoon (sunnah) for both the slaughterer and the animal to face Qibla when slaughtering.
  • All traces of blood should be cleared before slaughtering the next animal.
  • Skinning the animal should only commence when signs of life no longer remain.
  • Novices and those slaughtering for the first time should be explained the correct method and supervised in order not to inflict unnecessary pain to the animal. Firm pressure must be exerted to swiftly sever all veins.
  • Women who wish to slaughter or see their animal being slaughtered may do so provided they adhere to the laws of Hijaab. Sadly it is observed that on this auspicious occasion of Qurbani the Shariah laws are compromised by the inter mingling of women and men at the slaughter area.
  • Learn the basic rulings from the Ulama and seek their guidance in order to make this a spiritually rejuvenating and uplifting endeavour.

Perform Qurbani with utmost sincerity in the hope of reward and purification from all spiritual maladies.

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