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Can I look for a wife via the internet

Q. Can a man go about looking for a wife himself via internet and talks to her on the mobile for marriage purposes? In marriage what questions can a man and a lady ask each other?

A. Finding an appropriate marriage partner should preferably be through sources who know the prospective person and recommend the person based on knowledge of the person’s character and suitability. Finding a partner ‘over the internet’ has many challenges and could be a risky exercise. Furthermore, engaging with a prospective partner in a chat could also lead to development of feelings and affinity towards the person along the way.

This defeats the purpose of evaluation and may lead to one making a decision based more on emotion than reality. Given all these factors we advise you to remain within the permissible framework of seeking a suitable partner and together with your concerted effort and good approach, make abundant dua to Allah Ta’ala to bless you with a pious and compatible partner.

Where necessary the person may ask questions of importance in terms of income, residence, and general compatibility that are deemed important to a relationship.

May Allah Ta’ala grant you a partner who will be a means of your happiness in both worlds

And Allah Knows Best
Darul Ihsan Fatwa Dept.

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