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Oral Sex

Q: Is Oral Sex permissible in Islam?

A: The spread of pornography has increased the prevalence of oral sex, and it is now commonly practiced by many couples. Muslims are frequently asking about the Islamic viewpoint on oral sex.

Unfortunately, some people shy away from discussing this matter altogether, while others regard any discussion of it to be offensive. Both these approaches are incorrect. In order to ensure that one's sex life is in harmony with Islamic teachings, it is important to discuss the Islamic perspective on oral sex in detail.
Oral sex is the use of the mouth or the tongue to stimulate another person's genitals. Oral stimulation of the male organ is called fellatio, whilst oral stimulation of the female genital is known as cunnilingus. The term oral sex covers a wide range of activities, from simply kissing the genitalia to the actual taking in and swallowing of sexual fluids. As such, the Islamic ruling will depend on what exactly is entailed by this term.

a) If oral sex entails inserting the penis into the wife's mouth to the extent that she swallows or takes impure filthy substances such as semen (many) or pre-ejaculatory fluid (madhy) into the mouth, or the husband placing his mouth onto the wife's vagina to the point that he takes her discharge in his mouth, then this is sinful. If there is fear of this, and this fear is at the level of likelihood, then it is also impermissible.
It is unlawful to intentionally swallow filthy and impure substances or to introduce them into the mouth. This includes all male and female genital excretions and sexual fluids such as urine, pre-ejaculatory fluid, semen wady, a thick white, cloudy, fluid that exits either before or after urinating. Even though semen is not considered impure according to some scholars, for example the Shäfi'ïs, contrary to the Hanafïs, they nevertheless hold its oral intake to be prohibited. As such, swallowing or consuming all forms of sexual fluids of the wife or husband is forbidden.
Imam Mawawï of the Shäfi'ï school states in his Al-Majmū: “The correct well-known opinion is that it is fobidden to consume semen because it is filthy (mustakhbath), [even though not impure]. Allah Most High says: “...And He (Allah Most High) makes unlawful for them filthy things (khaba'ith) [Qur'än 7:157].”(Al-Majmū Sharh al-Muhadhdhab2:397)

b) If oral sex is practiced and all precautions are taken to prevent sexual fluids from entering the mouth, for example if the couple are only gently kissing each other's genitalia without any fear of likelihood of consuming sexual fluids, then it is permitted, but disliked and improper. It may be considered as a form of foreplay, similar to kissing other parts of the body and so permitted, but disliked, as placing one's mouth on one's spouse's genitalia is against religious propriety.

The famous Hanafï Fiqh reference work, Al-Fatäwa al-Hindiyya, states: “if a man inserts his penis into his wife's mouth, it has been said that it is disliked (makrūh), and others hold that it is not disliked.” (Al-Fatä wa al Hindiyya 5 :372)

This clear passage is one of the major Hanafï Fiqh reference works indicates that there is a scholarly difference about permissibility  of a man inserting his penis into his wife's mouth. According to some scholars it is disliked, whilst others permit it. It should be remembered that both, those who allow it and those consider it disliked, stipulate that no sexual fluids enter the spouse's mouth as mentioned earlier. Normally, this is difficult to avoid. Because of this, and because it is generally considered contrary to the proper conduct of a Muslim, most contemporary scholars hold this practise to be disliked, even if the transfer of sexual fluids is avoided.

The mouth is a noble part of one's body and is the means of reciting the Qur'än, remembrance of Allah (dhikr) and sending salutations on the blessed Messenger of Allah (salawät). It follows, then, that it is offensive to use it to stimulate the spouse's genitalia, and unlawful if filth enters the mouth.
Finally, if one's spouse demands oral sex, it is not obligatory to consent to it,even if precautions are taken to avoid sexual fluids coming into contact with the mouth. The wife is only obliged to make herself available for sex, whilst the husband is required to have sex with her enough to maintain her chastity.

(REF: Islamic Guide to Sexual Relations - by Muhammad ibn Adam Al Kawthari)

And Allah Ta'ala Knows Best
Mufti Shafiq Jakhura
Iftaa Department, Darul Ihsan Islamic Services Centre
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