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Ramadan FAQ’s - Medical


Q- Will the use of a medical inhaler nullify my fast?

A. You are advised to make use of the asthma pump at the time of Sehri and Iftaar. However, if you require to urgently use the pump while fasting then you should do so. In this case, the fast will be nullified and a Qadhaa fast must be kept. There is no Kaffarah in this instance.

Q- I need to insert medication into my eye on a daily basis. What is the status of my fast?

A. The fast is not affected by inserting medication into one's eye, whether the medicine is liquid or non-liquid. (Fataawa Hindiyya, vol. 1, pg. 203)

Q- Does the use of an injection or a drip break the fast?

A. The use of an injection or drip does not nullify the fast. (Fataawa Raheemiya vol. 2)

Q- Can I have a blood test done whilst fasting?

A. Yes, you could do so, provided that you do not become so weak that fasting becomes difficult.

Q- Is it permissible for me to donate blood while fasting?

A. Although donating blood whilst fasting will not break the fast. It is undesirable to do so if it causes weakness.

Q- Would taking a vitamin/calcium injection or an intravenous injection/drip nullify the fast?

A.  All types of intravenous injections do not break the fast, irrespective of their ingredients.

Q- Does vomiting break the fast?

A. The fast will break if:
a.    A person vomited a mouthful involuntarily and swallowed it or a part of it by his own volition.
b.     If one had voluntarily (induced) vomited a mouthful whether swallowed or not. (Fataawa Hindiyya - vol. 1, pg. 203/4).
NB: A “mouthful of vomit” is defined as such an amount that one cannot hold back in one’s mouth without difficulty.

Q- It is permissible to use suppositories whilst fasting?

A. Inserting medication etc. from the back private part/passage invalidates the fast?

Q- Is it Ok to use Nasal Spray while fasting?

A- Using a nasal spray whilst fasting will invalidate the fast.

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