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Fatwa - Is the salary of a flight attendant permissible?

Q: I work as a flight attendant in the Middle East. Is it true that my salary is Haram mixed with Halal, since I serve passengers with alcoholic beverages during their flight? Should I resign and find a Halal job instead? Is it permissible for me and my family to eat from the money that I have earned as a flight attendant, or should I give a portion of my money to charity to make it Halal? I have also heard that if I pay the Zakat, it can change my Haram salary into Halal. Is this true? I'm confused as my main task is to take care of passenger's safety and serving alcoholic beverages is only a side task for me. Is there a way to make my salary Halal?


Your asking this question is indeed a sign of Imaan and great hope. May Allah assist you and protect your Imaan. Aameen. Indeed the serving of alcohol is a sin and it invokes the curse of Allah (SWT). You should endeavour to seek alternate employment wherein you are able to practice the teachings of Islam in a better manner. With regards to the salary that you have earned, although your entire earnings would not be deemed to be absolutely prohibited and Haraam due to the fact that serving of alcohol is not your core responsibility, however, the earnings are most definitely tainted. You should give a portion of your salary in charity in order to purify it to some degree. In the meanwhile, whilst you are searching for alternate employment, you should request your company to excuse you from serving alcohol. This could be done, if your duty is allocated to the serving of only meals rather than serving drinks.

NB: It is objectionable for ladies to work as flight attendants as it entails involvement in many prohibited activities such as the violation of the rules of Hijaab, travelling alone without a Shar'i Mahram, speaking and engaging with strange men etc.

Mufti Shafiq Jakhura
Iftaa Department, Darul Ihsan Islamic Services Centre
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