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From the Fatwa Department

Q: Is it permissible to fast only on 10th of Muharram?

Q: The Hadith encourages spending on one's family on 10th of Muharram. Is this restricted to merely serving extra food at home, or can it refer to spending additionally on one’s dependents in other things as well?

Q: What parts of Halal animals are forbidden for consumption?

Q. If a Musafir missed Salah on a journey and wants to make qaza after his journey is over, should he shorten his Salah like a traveller or perform the normal number of Rakats?

Q: A person was a Musafir on 10, 11, and 12of Zul Hijjah. However, before sunset on 12 Zul Hijjah he returned home. Will Qurbani be Wajib upon him? Similarly, if a person upon whom Qurbani was not Wajib received some money which equals the Nisab amount just before sunset of 12 Zul Hijjah, will Qurbani be Wajib upon him?

Q: If a woman remarries after her husband passes away, is she still entitled to inherit from her deceased husband’s estate?

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