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From the Fatwa Department

Q: Is it permissible for men to wear diamonds, emeralds and other gem like jewellery?

Q: I have young children and as a part of teaching them number and colour recognition one of the easy ways to do this is by allowing them to play the card game Uno. The cards do not resemble regular playing cards that are used in gambling/poker nor do they have animate pictures. Would it be permissible to allow them to play such a game?

Q: Will a marriage be plagued by misfortune if performed during the month of Muharram or Safar?

Q: Is it permissible to fast only on 10th of Muharram?

Q: The Hadith encourages spending on one's family on 10th of Muharram. Is this restricted to merely serving extra food at home, or can it refer to spending additionally on one’s dependents in other things as well?

Q: What parts of Halal animals are forbidden for consumption?

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