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Monday, 23 January 2023 06:30

Umrah Insurance Fees Reduced

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah announced that from 10th January 2023, the cost of the comprehensive insurance for foreign Umrah travellers will be lowered from SR235 to SR87. This is a staggering 63% reduction in price.

The Umrah insurance policy is included in Visa procedures for those entering Saudi Arabia on Umrah, and covers emergency costs such as medical treatment, hospital admission, pregnancy, emergency childbirth, emergency dentalcare, traffic accident injuries, dialysis procedures, as well as cases of medical evacuation within and out of the Kingdom.

The policy also covers other aspects such as accidental disability caused during Umrah, types of death, the returning of the deceased body to its home country, and blood money. It includes the coverage for flight delay and flight cancellation compensation as well.

The Ministry stated that the scope of the Umrah insurance coverage is only within Saudi Arabia, and that the coverage period is 90 days. This coverage period begins the day travellers enter the Kingdom.

For more details concerning the Comprehensive Pilgrims Insurance Program, visit

For those booked to perform Umrah, to check the status of one’s Comprehensive Pilgrims Insurance Program, visit for more information.

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