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Tuesday, 22 November 2022 09:44

Community working together to fight GBV

Located near Pinetown in KwaNdengezi, the Ethembeni Crisis Care Centre is hard at work raising awareness on crime, especially gender-based violence. They work with men, women, and children alike, and seek to educate and help those in need.

Mzamo Biyase – the Centre’s monitoring and evaluation officer – said, “We raise awareness and show the community we do not condone violence. We also work with stakeholders, schools, and the public to show them they have a place to go when they need assistance.”

The centre will campaign at the local shopping centre where Sassa pay-outs take place, to talk to young mothers receiving child grant. They will provide advice on childcare, as well as where they can be found if the need for their assistance arises.

The Centre has also taken the initiative to provide counselling for men, as GBV requires their cooperation and understanding.

“We call the initiative Brothers for Life,” Biyela said. “We encourage men to report abuse and not to bottle up issues, because bottling up pain can lead to anger, resentment and drug or alcohol abuse.”

They also encourage men to speak up about raising sons as care givers and to participate in household chores, as well as respect.

The Centre also raises and deals with issues like drug abuse, the neglect of children living with disabilities, and offers counselling to help with these challenges.

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