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Friday, 24 June 2022 06:44

Gauteng moves to eradicate pothole problems

JOHANNESBURG: The Gauteng provincial government has launched an innovative new mobile app that allows users to report potholes.

The program, called PotholeFixGP, allows road users to report poor road conditions and other road maintenance issues that require attention.

Potholes reported are then referred to responsible road agencies or municipalities for their attention.

Gauteng MEC for Public Transport and Road Infrastructure Jacob Mamabolo said: “Those belonging to the Department will be dealt with by the departmental road maintenance teams.

“We hope the App will build a relationship between motorists/road users and government, allowing for those that use the road to be the eyes and ears of the department in keeping road infrastructure conditions conducive for a safe and enhanced pleasant driving experience.”

The process works as follows:

-a user reports a pothole/road defect on the app by using their GPS location or dropping a pin on the map

-once reported by a user, a pothole/road defect appears on the departmental dashboard where it will be allocated to the maintenance team

-upon allocation, the app will provide a status update of the pothole ranging from reported, assigned, to complete

-the app also allows users to check and verify whether a reported pothole is on a municipal, provincial or national (Sanral) road

-users can submit their email addresses to get updates on when the issue is fixed

Darul Ihsan Media Desk

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