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Wednesday, 12 January 2022 07:12

Smart robot to distribute Zamzam water

Badr Al-Luqmani, deputy head of the Zamzam Watering Department for services and field affairs, said that the robot’s technology would allow it to distribute Zamzam water bottles without human intervention, in order to respect precautionary measures against COVID-19 whilst utilizing artificial intelligence in the service of God.

Al-Luqmani said the robot will be able to distribute 30 bottles per round, with each round lasting for 10 minutes, noting that it operates for eight hours at a time and takes 20 seconds to load the Zamzam water bottles. He added that it would not collide with or obstruct people, and had received many certificates of approval including the European CS certificate.

“Work is underway to operate the robot on a wide scale inside the Grand Mosque to also handle bags and portable cylinders,” he said, noting that “we seek to provide the highest levels of security and quality for the visitors of the Grand Mosque.”

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