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Thursday, 10 June 2021 07:03

 The threat of Islamophobia is alive

The attack on Islam and Muslims yielded its ugly head once more with the latest murders in Canada that claimed the lives of four members from the same family.

The incident occurred in the city of London, Ontario, where a man ran a family over with his pickup truck in an attack motivated by hate. The sole survivor of the attack is a nine-year-old boy that has been left orphaned.

The news has sparked worldwide condemnation on the senseless loss of precious lives. The outcry in the city has been damning – after all it is an area where only six people were murdered in the entire 2018 and five in 2019.

The killings highlight the need for religious education amongst communities.

Islamophobia is a real threat to Muslims all over the world but effort needs to be made to teach those that dislike the religion about its real meaning and message.

Following the attack, Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said: "Islamophobia has no place in any of our communities. This hate is insidious and despicable - and it must stop.”

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