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MATRIC 2020 - The anxious wait for results!

The 2020 matric class had one of the most challenging and uncertain academic years ever due to the Coronavirus pandemic and the national lockdown.

Due to the hard lockdown all social activity came to a grinding halt, including schools. Learners had to adapt to online learning, something novel for most learners. These challenges placed tremendous pressure on the matriculants of 2020.

Remember, not performing according to expectation or form is a natural part of life, which, although painful, allows us to grow, become resilient and improve our ability to cope with adversity.

A learner should not be overly concerned or even afraid of an unexpected result. It is normal to feel anxious or stressed. Not having performed well does naturally create disappointment, however, underperformance or even failure does not spell the end of the road.

Friends, parents and family should be supportive and give messages of hope, goodwill and encouragement, especially where a student has not done well. A few words of motivation, encouragement and hope can go a long way in easing the pressure and anxiety of under achievement.

Matric is one exam and phase in life, nothing more. The world is a vast place. The key is to remain positive and avoid negative talk. Always look at the bright side. Many people have enjoyed exceptional success despite having not made it in matric.

If you are struggling to cope, help is at hand. Do not fall into the trap of negative whispers and down talk.

We suggest parents, family and friends do the following:

  • Be present and supportive when results are released
  • Be there to help a student cope through a poor result sheet or failure
  • Do not project negative emotions or feelings towards someone who has performed poorly
  • Remain supportive by reaching out with support instead of telling them what could have been

FAIL in essence means first attempt in learning – a person will continue learning for life

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