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NO Children in the Masjid

This Hadith advises parents to ensure that children learn the importance of Salah from an early age. The male child should also be taught the reverence and sanctity of the Masjid.

Some enthusiastic parents bring minor children to the Masjid with good intent that the child will perform Salah regularly in his life. However, minor children are generally playful, disruptive and neglectful of ritual cleanliness and therefore not permitted to attend the Masjid. Children who are ignorant about the etiquette of the Masjid should not be brought to the Masjid.

Rasulullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) said, “Keep your insane and children away from the Masjid.” (Ibn Majah)

It has been often experienced that little children who are brought to the Masjid by their parents disrupt the quiet and sanctity of the Masjid and disturb the Salah of the entire congregation.

Parents are humbly requested to take cognisance of the guidelines outlined in the Hadith regarding this issue and act responsibly.

NB: It is also improper to allow children into the Saffs (rows) of adults.

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