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arrivals"The Arrivals" - Since its arrival on the scene, the controversial series has taken the world by storm.  Some have praised the efforts of the producers, some have accused them of misinformation... So, is the arrivals good or not?

Imagine the greatness and virtue of a day which according to authentic Ahadith is ….

1. Behave well towards your father and mother and consider this good conduct as a propitious act which will earn Allah's grace in this world as well as in the next. Next to Allah, man owes the greatest obligation to his parents.

wwwIn the last decade, unarguably, the single most influential tool in changing the way we live has been the internet. Whether it be keeping in touch, shopping, world events or even traveling around the globe; all this and more can be done from the comfort of one‘s living room.

happinessWhere is happiness? More than five billion people are searching for it. But where is it? If happiness was in the hand, then the one whose wrist is adorned with a designer watch worth hundreds of thousands of rands, or whose fingers have been ringed with priceless diamonds, or the one who counts huge bundles of his money everyday, would always be very happy.

scannersThe promoters of nude body scanners have used one argument that they consider to be bullet-proof. It is all about saving lives, they assure us.

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