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In the United States, the second Sunday in May is reserved for mothers and the third Sunday in June is for the fathers. Throughout the rest of the year, there are other holidays aplenty to keep us busy, but there is little mention of family, let alone mom or dad specifically. Like all other holidays, both Mother's Day and Father's Day come with their own sets of sales, promotions, and endless arrays of greeting cards.


Under no circumstance does Islam allow or condone violence or abuse. In reality, everyday of a Muslim's life should be a day of activism against the abuse of women and children.

niqabPoliticians and journalists just love to write about the oppression of women in Islam ... without even talking to the females beneath the veil. They simply have no idea how Muslim women are protected and respected within the Islamic framework which was built more than 1400 years ago.

excuses1. I'm not yet convinced of the necessity of the Hijab..

Given my privilege as a woman, I only degrade myself by trying to be something I'm not - and in all honesty - don' t want to be: a man. As women, we will never reach true liberation until we stop trying to mimic men, and value the beauty in our own God-given distinctiveness.

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