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The Holy month of Ramadan is a month of purification that allows us a golden opportunity to develop the consciousness of Almighty Allah's presence.

"Oo see kum Ibad'allah Bi Taqwa'llah" Calls us to Almighty Allah Subhanahu Wata'ala and His Beloved Rahmatul Liel Ala'meen - Sallallahoo Alayhi Wasallam, that is, to the programme of Islam and the Most Noble Qur'an, in order that we may answer the Call. 

The ninth month of the Islamic calendar is called Ramadhaan and it is the most meritorious

Contrary to public opinion, most Muslims end up gaining weight during Ramadan. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims abstain from food and water from sunrise to sunset. Although, this sounds like a good diet, seldom does it turn out to be.

In the hype of the post-Woolwich media blitz can Muslims in the United Kingdom expect a fair deal? Tomorrow millions of Muslims around the world will go hungry. They will do so intentionally, with no sustenance from dawn till dusk for a full month. This is challenging, particularly for Muslims in the northern hemisphere, where the days will be long and dry. In Britain, fasting could be as long as 19 hours.

Ramadaan - Lifetime Oppurtunity 

You have been given an opportunity of a lifetime. A business operates twenty four hours a day. The owner wishes to take a holiday and has requested you to run the business for one month. The arrangement is that for every second that you will personally man the business, you will get paid twenty rands.

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