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Constant Accountability of One’s Actions

Every human possesses positive and good qualities, as well as negative and evil qualities. The good qualities strongly attract a person towards our beloved Allah ﷻ. When such a relationship and attachment is fused between the creation and The Creator then the creation automatically stays away from following personal whims and desires.

As a matter of fact, it then becomes quite easy for such a “slave of Allah ﷻ” to: - Obey the orders of Allah ﷻ; Be pleased with the instructions and injunctions of Allah ﷻ; Oblige with all that Allah ﷻ prohibits; and Slavishly abstain from, any and all, things classified as taboo by Allah ﷻ.

Such a “slave of Allah ﷻ” becomes reasonably aware of man’s overall surroundings. Additionally, the “slave of Allah ﷻ” becomes sensitive to the finer and unique issues (nuances) in the environment. As an abiding “lover” of Allah ﷻ, the one thing that the “slave of Allah ﷻ” becomes most intensely conscious of, is the creation of “humankind” (Insaan).

This deep recognition transforms the “lover” of Allah ﷻ, regarding the Creator’s (Khaaliq’s) Creation of His (Makhlooq).

  • The “lover” of Allah ﷻ becomes: -
  • Kind towards humanity.
  • Generous to the poor and the needy.
  • Helpful towards the weak and the infirm.
  • Consciously compassionate towards the orphans.
  • Respectful towards the elderly. and Genuinely sore and sensitive towards the sick.

In essence, his character (akhlaaq) begins to resemble the most sublime character (akhlaaq) of our beloved Nabi Rasulullah (صَلَّى ٱللّٰهُ عَلَيْهِ وَآلِهِ وَسَلَّمَ).

The reformation in the lifestyle of the “slave of Allah ﷻ” manifests itself in different ways. He/she: - Undergoes a strengthening of belief (imaan); Serving humanity now “sits” close to his/her belief (imaan); Loves to care for “humankind” (Insaan); Adopts distinctive traits of a true Muslim; Think of themselves as the least important people; Always gives preference to others over himself; Avoids hurting the feelings of others; Tries not to become upset and angry with people; Forgives the short comings of people; Becomes “like a tree” providing shade for everyone, even the enemies; Enjoys a life “clouded” with excellent character (akhlaaq) and goodness; and Earns the admiration of fellow human beings as well as the angels.

Allah ﷻ states in Noble Quran:-

  • “We have created mankind in the best of mould.” (Ch. 95, V 04)
  • Sadly, opposed to the above, there are also people, who: -
  • do not recognise the presence of the Allah (Tabaraka wa Taála);
  • question the reasons for their creation?
  • are doubtful about the purpose of their stay in this world?
  • are unsure about what is expected of them? and
  • place their own desires and wishes over anything else?
  • Sadly, opposed to this fortunate group are those who:-
  • place their own passions, desires and choices over anything else?
  • live their lives without any injunctions and commands?
  • do not consider the significance of what is acceptable (halaal) and what is not acceptable (haraam)?
  • do not wish to be restricted about where theyshould, and where they should not go?

Unfortunately, such people are that sad scums that follow the dark, dirty and evil path of the devil (shaitaan). So shameless do this group become that even the devil (shaitaan) feels ashamed of their ominous and murky deeds.

Thus the golden lesson is:- Before we are summoned by Allah ﷻ to His court, we should take account of our actions in this world!

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