22 April 2021   9. Ramadhan 1442

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Drugs, drinks, and everything silly…

The festive ‘silly season’ is upon us and with it the potential of dropping our guard and inadvertently becoming a first time victim of alcohol consumption, drug and substance abuse. This could result in an addiction - often permanently. With the latest lethal and deadly drugs on the market, a first time experience could also be the last. More recently, many youth have lost their lives for mistaking the fatal impact a substance could have on the system.


At this time of the year many budding youth – after surviving a hectic and stressful post-exam period or, for that matter, university students who give themselves ‘permission’ to adulthood – become easy prey to the sophisticated snares of ‘street smart’ drug dealers or peer pressure for one to consume alcohol for the first time. The buy in is just to try a drug or substance at least ‘once in your lifetime’ which, unfortunately, can become a lifetime habit resulting in a permanent debilitating condition.

Drug and substance dealers have only one agenda – to maximise profit selling their wares and create an addict for the indefinite continuity of their ‘business’ - regardless of the harm it brings upon the user. Dealers have a ‘network’ of distributors who infiltrate youth gatherings with ‘freebie’ drugs and substances in order to draw potential users into the scourge of drug and substance abuse. Dealers are also supplying new and potent ‘designer’ drugs on credit which almost always permanently ‘hook’ first time users and turn them into instant addicts.

Youth need to be vigilant and aware in such situations, particularly of peer pressure. True friends cannot be those who entice you to a world of experimentation in consuming alcohol, drugs or substance usage!

Often, harmless beverages are spiked with harmful and addictive additives to unwittingly draw one into the dark world of alcohol, drug and substance abuse. Youth need to be observant and savvy of the beverages they consume in this period.

More importantly, parents need to be ‘in touch’ with their children and aware of their friends. Parents also need to be in communication with other parents on the whereabouts of their children. Parents who place large sums of money in the hands of their ‘dear’ children, need to be fully aware of where and how their children are spending the money handed to them. Often this is the gateway to procurement of lethal substances.

May Allah Ta’ala grant us the required understanding and restraint required to keep us safe from harm. May Allah Ta’ala protect one and all during this period.

Drugs Awareness Drive

Darul Ihsan Social Department

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