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Dawah Work

As Muslims in South Africa, we have a sacred responsibility to our fellow Muslims from the indigent and indigenous background. We are morally obliged to extend our helping hand to these families in our community. The Holy Prophet (sallallahu-alayhi-wasallam) said: "The creation (humanity) is (ultimately) the family of Allah, hence the most beloved creation in the sight of Allah are those that do good to His family." Who is going to take care of the poor and down-trodden Muslims if the Muslims of means are not going to come to their aid? The Christian Missionaries? You bet they won't waste half-a-chance to do so. If every family 'adopts' another family, a lot of work can be achieved, Insha-Allah.

The "adoption" would entail some of the following:

¨ Arranging for the education, Islamic and secular, of every member of the household where required

¨ Operation Ramadhan, Qurbani and Eidul-Fitr – distribution of meat parcels, grocery hampers

¨ Operation Winter – distribution of clothes, blankets, etc.

¨ Socialising and involvement in reach-out programs – inviting to social functions and participating in their social functions

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