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Jenni Rauhala (Sumaiyah) - Finland/Christian (Dawah)

Jenni Rauhala (Sumaiyah) - Finland/Christian


As-Salaamu Alaikum wa Rahmatu Allaah wa Barakaatuhu!

I wanted to add one more reversion story to the many already on your page. I was born in Finland, Northern Europe, about 20 years ago. My parents were Evangelic Lutheran, though not very strict about it. We went to the church a couple of times a year, mainly during Christmas time. I believed in God but not as the church teaches. As a kid this was no problem and I didn't think about it.

Like almost all of the kids in Finland I also went to a so called confirmation camp. It takes about a week. 15-year-old teens spend one week away from their families just learning about christianity, doing religious stuff and hanging out with the youthful and sometimes witty priests. Many teens get their "religious awakening" there because finally you have time to think about religion and nobody is calling you boring because of it. I also realized that I am a Believer. But not a believer in the church doctrine.

After the camp I started studying christianity harder trying to understand it. I even went through study period of the bible that lasted several months. That course qualified me to teach the bible to the younger kids. I worked for the church for like a year but already during that I knew christianity wasn't the Truth. But in the beginning I thought there was some hope that christianity might be it and I studied other branches of christianity. Then I went on to study judaism. That phase did not last for too long as the way they see Jesus (Alaihis-Salaam) is kind of distorted.

A couple of years earlier I had read the translation of the meanings of the Qur'an in my native language. I read it again, and got hooked. Yes this is what I was looking for. One True God! Then I started slowly getting some Muslims as friends. I visited a family in Turkey and there learnt some things about praying and hygiene and so forth. Internet also played a major role as I got to know sisters of my age that lived close by me. I started visiting these sisters. They had all been christians like me. I was certain that Islaam is the Way.

I started high school and Al-Hamdulilaah, in my class there was a girl who also was interested in Islaam. We ordered books together from Saudi Arabia. We visited London together  and many of its mosques. We were studying Islaam so much and teaching each other what we knew. We even took the Shahadah on the same day, Wal-hamdulilaah!

As my interest in Islaam grew, the more my parents got alerted. They were ready to throw me out of their house. Or do anything. I was a minor so I could not wear hijaab though I so passionately wanted to. Things got worse and worse everyday but I told them I'd rather give them up than Islaam. As I reached the age of consent and started wearing hijaab, things got out of hand and I left home without telling them. I got married abroad to a good Muslim brother, Masha'Allaah.

An Imam advised me to get in touch with my parents and I was talking with them on the phone only two weeks after leaving home. I didn't know severing kinship ties was a sin but Al-hamdulilaah I was told by that Imam. After being married for two months I returned home. I stayed with my parents for some time and then returned to my husband's country. We have been married for almost two years now. Just today my mum was telling me that it is such a good thing there are so good men as my husband. As you can read, things have gotten better, Al-hamdulilaah. My mum has even started reading the Qur'an. Please make du'aa that she'll also receive this Guidance from Allaah (SWT)!

[sister Sumaiyah]

Taken from trueislam


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