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Birth Control

These days, the worst nightmare the West faces is its rapidly declining population. The steady fall in birth rates in the West over the last century is certainly going to impact dangerously on the:

   >military strength of the West
   >defense capabilities of the West
   >economy of the West
   >global influence of the West

Over the next thirty or so years, the West, that includes the US, Western Europe and Japan, the industrialized 'first world' nations, will each see a large elderly population and an almost zero or negative labour force growth.

On the other hand, the Middle East, Africa and South Asia will see substantial population growth for at least 50 years to come. Tomorrow, these regions will enjoy younger nations, with dynamic, youthful populations that may rise and even overshadow the powerful nations of today. The low birth rates of the West, and the high birth rate of the 'rest' poses serious dangers to the national economies of the Western countries. Enormous numbers of think-tanks, institutes, academics and officials are working flat out towards a reversal of this trend. They are simply desperate to increase the growth of their own populations and will go to shocking lengths to discourage the growth rate of the third world. One western academic was on the record for saying about the West that you: "cannot have a successful world without children in it" but also then said: "to control fertility rates in China, Bangladesh, much of Africa – that is an absolute triumph". So what's good for the goose is not good for the gander!

 The Islamic perspective on all of this is clear as daylight. Said the Holy Messenger (sallallahu-'alayhi-wasallam): "Marry and increase your population, for I will boast of my large Ummah on the Day of Judgment". Look at the profound wisdom in having large populations. One can marvel at the deep wisdom that is to be found in all of his teachings.

>>The message to young Muslim couples is GO FOR A BIG FAMILY and don't be influenced by the birth-control culture of today's world! You will see the benefits of this in both worlds!

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