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Eid message by Hazrat Maulana Yunus Patel & senior ulama

Keeping the spirit of Ramadaan alive

In a world, which has become peculiar, we find in the quest for peace, nations of the world are waging wars of devastation and destruction against each other. World governments look towards war as the solution for peace. Greed and selfishness are considered as the key to the success of man. In the clamour for justice, injustice towers over and above, in all its ugliness. Instead of peace, freedom, success and justice, man finds himself shackled under the yoke of more and more tribulations.

Despite billions of dollars being expended for all types of sophisticated technology to establish law and order, and eliminate crimes of theft, murder, bribery, corruption, rape, fraud, hijackings etc. Crime has not been eradicated, nor reduced by any percentage, rather there has been and there is a daily escalation in all criminal offences.

Periodical get-togethers of the so-called master minds of the world, summit conferences and high level discussions have failed to provide a solution to the economical, political, cultural and social problems of man.

Man is a created being and only divine guidance can solve his problems. The reality is clear: The heavy arm of the law on its own, just legislation, the imposition of fines and jail sentences, cannot and will not solve problems that face mankind. The only sure deterrent to crimes of all kinds, is firm conviction and belief in our creator, a life thereafter and a day of judgement, where complete justice will be meted out. These are long term solutions and solutions that were proven to give the best results and create the best societies on the face of the earth.


The obligation of fasting in the month of Ramadaan for the believers, men and women, who are sane and healthy, is a clear message to mankind that unrestricted indulgence in fulfilling the desires of one's base or animal self has to be curbed for some time, to give an upliftment to one's spiritual self. The object of fasting as described in the Holy Quran is “so that you may guard against evil.”

During the auspicious month of Ramadan, a fasting person abstains from food, drink and sexual relations from dawn until sunset, in obedience to the command of his creator. The month is a training whereby the believer's trait of God-conscious is nurtured. Even though he may be in place of total privacy and seclusion, on the hottest day of the year, he does not submit to the temptation of sipping even a few drops of water for he is convinced that he cannot evade the sight of the All-Observing Almighty.

If the spirit of fasting were to become a reality in the society of Muslims who have observed the fasts of Ramadaan and advanced in his piety, then mankind would see a society in which every person becomes the guardian of the respect, honour, property and possessions of others; a society in which the needy, the poor, the destitute, and the under-privileged are taken cared for; a society in which honesty, chastity, nobility, kindness, compassion, mercy and forgiveness shine forth like the midday sun; a society in which no harm is caused to any human or animal without a just reason; and a society in which material progress dies not bring about a moral collapse.

Eidul Fitr signifies the end of this fasting period and is a day of joy and thanksgiving, but despite being a day of celebration, the day commences with an additional prayer after sunrise, reminding the believers that the object of fasting must be fully borne in mind even after Ramadan. A believer must be aware of the fact that he was made to observe the fast to become God-conscious, pious and self-restraining. His natural inclinations to eating, drinking and fulfilling his sexual passions were curbed for a month from dawn to sunset – the willpower to abstain from all evil and totally submit himself to the will of the creator should now be easy for the months to follow.

Ramadan was a golden opportunity for the Muslim community to bring about a total transformation in all spheres of their lives. Eid and the days to follow are opportunities to demonstrate the moral upliftment and spiritual elevation gained through fasting by showing compassion, mercy and kindness towards the creation of the Almighty.

Whilst conveying to the Muslim community best wishes for a Happy Eid, I make a humble appeal to every Muslim brother and sister to keep the spirit of fasting alive – obedience of Allah Ta'ala shines forth from this day forward. Let the rest of mankind observe the effect that fasting has in changing the outlook of a believing Muslim. Let the world observe a community free from all sins, crime and vice and let us be an example which is worthy of emulation and of others accepting Islam.


Message from Maulana Abbas Ali Jeena, President Jamiatul Ulama

Alhamdulillah we have reached the end of the month of Ramadaan, We make dua to Allah that He accepts our Ibaadaat and that He grants us life with good health to witness many more Ramadaans to come. It is mentioned that once somebody asked Sayyiduna Umar (R) on the eve of Eid why he was crying, so he replied: “I am not sure if Allah accepted all my actions in this month”. The objective of this month was to inculcate the quality of Taqwa. If we have achieved it or a portion of it, let us make Shukr and improve on it. If we missed the opportunity and realize now, then too it is not too late. Let us make the change in our lives for the better. Remember the night before Eid is also a very auspicious night which is generally neglected. We should try to spend the night in Ibaadah and not waste time talking to friends and complaining how fast the month went by lest even this Mubaarak night will go by. Let us not forget our brothers and sisters in the other parts of the world who are suffering and may not be able to enjoy the happiness of Eid day. May Allah make it easy for them. Once more a happy Eid to one and all.


Message from Mufti Siraj Desai, Principal Darul Uloom, P.E.

Islam and all its teaching are in total harmony with human nature. The occasion of Eid is a manifestation of this harmonious relation between Islam and the natural predilection of man, for on this occasion we are allowed to express joy and happiness, and to celebrate the end of a month of toil and striving. At the end of month in which we persevered with prayer and fasting, self-control and restraint, we are allowed to let human sentiment take over, albeit with a certain degree of discipline. This human sentiment, by its very nature, demands the expression of joy and happiness over the bounties of Allah and the completion of a great act of worship. In essence, Eid is an occasion of thanksgiving to Almighty Allah for the fulfilment of a great effort, an achievement only made possible through His Grace and Permission. This is also an occasion of retrospection, where we look back at achievements and failures. We thank Allah for the former and seek forgiveness for the latter, while praying that he affords us the opportunity to do better next time, aameen. We make dua that Allah grants all Muslims throughout the world acceptance of all their efforts in Ramadaan, and total forgiveness on the occasion of Eid. Aameen. We also take this opportunity to ask Almighty Allah to mould this Ummah into one unified force, based on the Sunnah of Our Beloved Messenger, upon whom be Allah’s choicest blessings, Aameen.


From Darul Ihsan, we wish the entire community and the global Ummah a joyous and happy Eid!







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