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Seize the Opportunity

Great opportunities in life do not present themselves as often as we would like them to. So when an opportunity does arrive it is only sensible and intelligent to embrace the opportunity fully and reap its benefits.

The Night of Qadr appears but once a year with the opportunity to earn forgiveness and a phenomenal reward of more than 80 years of dedicated worship to one’s Creator. Such an opportunity can only be regarded as a special bounty from a Most Loving and Generous Creator to His unworthy subjects. Allah Ta’ala gives without measure and is willing to forgive and bestow His choicest favors upon those who seek them.

This big opportunity will be here in the remaining nights of Ramadaan and it is for all believers regardless of whom they are and where they may be. Regardless of the number of sin and wrong doing committed, there is no obstacle on this night. Allah Ta’ala is prepared to forgive all and further elevate a person towards His proximity.

It should not be that we are engaged in frivolities, debates, arguments, hanging out or any other form of un-mindfulness that will deprive us of this tremendous opportunity. These are nights when we can free our souls from the grips of vice, and bring about a total change and reformation in our hearts. We can release ourselves from the misery of sin, free our hearts of hatred, malice, jealousy, pride, love for the world and all other contaminants that dirty the heart. Missing out on the favours of this great night will be an immeasurable loss and a sign of ungratefulness to the mercy and favors of a most Kind Allah.

For a few nights in our life let us change the pattern, and focus our attention to what could be a most rewarding and life-changing experience. After all, trends that are set in Ramadaan are generally the trends that will remain with us after the month has past. The ball is surely and firmly in our court and we will have none to blame but ourselves if we deprive our souls of the opportunity. If one obtains the blessings of the Night of Qadr and is freed and emancipated from sin and the fire, then indeed life after Ramadaan will follow the same trend and one will have gained the courage and strength to live life on the path of guidance and obedience to Allah Ta’ala.

Allah say, “Verily we have revealed the message in the night of power, and what will explain to you what the night of power is, the night of power is greater than a thousand months, in its descend the angels and the spirit (Jibrail) with the permission of their Lord with all decrees, peace it is till the rising of the dawn.” (Surah Qadr)

The Prophet (sallallaahu 'alayhi wa sallam) said: “Whoever prays during the Night of Qadr with faith and hoping for its reward will have all of his previous sins forgiven” (Bukhari)

We ask Allah Ta’ala to bless us with the bounty of Laylatul Qadr and emancipate us, our parents and the Ummah from the Fire. Aameen.

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