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Letters to Editors

The Media Desk contributes local, national and international news articles for the website and also focuses on news content of the Muslim world. etters commenting on broad issues are also regularly sent to the editors of newspapers Below are a few letters which were sent by the Media Desk and published in newspapers. Bias and negative reporting against Islam has become a very real phenomenon in the media, especially in the international press.

The Darul Ihsan Media Desk primarily monitors the media for Islamaphobic (anti-Islamic) comments and anti-Islamic sentiments made in the mainstream media and interacts positively with media portals conveying the Islamic perspective.

Friday, 05 June 2009 07:03

Media Response - “New anti-crime”

The Daily News

As a SA citizen, I am thrilled and excited once again by the “New anti-crime” among the many previous units that short-lived our crime ridden country.

I am again delighted by a positive move by government to fight crime. The situation has of course risen to an appalling rate. Hence something has to be done magically and majestically. However, probably the government needs to know that to combat crime, it requires eliminating the scourge of corruption at all levels. The morale of policemen needs to be instilled and quality on production lines must be of the highest standards. Unless the force is ill-equipped at all levels and unqualified to serve as new policemen the many more “units” will be a vicious circle. Talking of techniques used of the highest level and success in other countries is no solution except that we need to build a determined police force.

Junaid Essop

Wednesday, 03 June 2009 06:47

Media Response - Legalizing Prostitution


The Daily News

I wish to comment on the current debate with regard to the legislation/decriminalization of prostitution.

The Mercury

The condemned cartoons (by a Danish newspaper) of the Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h.) has

now found another avenue to breed the filth and obnoxious paintings via the net. It's being

sold on line.


Muslims are expected to remain silent and tolerate the insults as always pointed out to them by

the west and human rights groups. There was no need to trigger a fresh start to something

widely condemned by Muslims world over.


The respected authorities should take a stand in the matter and avoid further anger and

growing animosity in the Muslim world.




The Daily News

The CBD-Durban shoot out leaves the impression to all South Africans that criminals are many and well armed. Although police reaction to the scene was overwhelming, perhaps Mr Cele's opinion for police to use fire with fire is after all not an exaggeration . .

Undoubtedly police cannot lose any one member of the force, considering the huge investment poured in by the police department and of course the loss of a human life owing to some selfish criminals that don't really value human life but are unscrupulous in their want and material desire.

South Africans should cluster together and fight crime as a nation; and assist the police force and all agencies in the same circle

M Mota


Monday, 11 May 2009 08:04

Media Response - Inauguration Bash

The Daily News

I am making reference to the inauguration bash dubbed as “the mother of all parties”.

Indeed a very sad day for many South Africans especially for the poor, needy, unemployed, retrenched, underprivileged and hand-to-mouth families that come to hear of the millions spent at this occasion. This bashful event will perhaps see the glamour and glitter of “who's who on the top of the lists” as well as dignitaries from world over.

The dime and shine will be at the expense of some people's hard earned money since it’s not the ratepayers per se contributing to make all this happen. However, it’s the many hungry South Africans that would have to bear and go without food on this eventful day while others party to their fill. Why not consider a small “bash” - after all Zuma - will still be the President of S.A. Based on the reports – he's the People's man – caring and right down to earth.

M Mota


The Daily News

The Pakistani President’s signing a deal with the Taliban with regard to the North Western district should be seen as a positive move to overcome the increasing problems in the region. Those who wish to be ruled by their religious beliefs must be encouraged.

However it's possible that the US may want to derail the move since the West is pessimistic about Islamic rule. This was the case of Afghanistan during the rule of the Taliban. Unfortunately they were accused of all types of illegal activity with the drug activity high on the list.

The west has nothing to fear with regard to the Islamic legal system. While some “Muslims” may have a negative approach to the Islamic system, however majority of the Muslims world over would opt to fulfil their wish.

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