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Renowned Shaykh Visits Darul Ihsan Centre

On Tuesday; 22 November 2022; at 10:30 AM, the Darul Ihsan Centre was visited by Shaykh Yousef Khalawi, of which a short presentation on Darul Ihsan’s activities were hosted.

Shaykh Yousef Khalawi has served on the Boards of Directors of various corporates around the world, including serving as chairman of audit and governance committees.

He is currently a member of the Al Baraka Banking Group’s Unified Shariah Panel; the Secretary General of the Islamic Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture of the Organisation of Islamic Co-Operation; a member of the International Advisory Board of the World Islamic Economic Forum; a board member at the Saudi Centre for Commercial Arbitration, the highest authority in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia; and a member of the Board of Trustees in a number of international institutions, including the Accounting and Auditing Organisations for Islamic Financial Institutions (AAOIFI), Bahrain, as well as the Islamic Heritage Trust and the Islamic Fiqh Academy.

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