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Northdale 'Clinic Open Day' with Darul Ihsan Centre

Volunteering sisters of Pietermaritzburg and the Darul Ihsan Relief Team, attended the Northdale Clinic Open Day on Saturday; 29 October 2022. The Darul Ihsan sister volunteers distribute snack packs to the clinic patients weekly, and came together for the open clinic day to show further support to the patients.

Sister Thabile Mkhize – Operations Manager of the clinic – welcomed and introduced the team to the guests and patients. The team thereafter distributed 200 snack packs to all patients present.

The Relief Team gifted a wheelchair to the facility together with 40 hot water bottles, of which the Northdale Management Team will work to identify and distribute to the elderly patients with chronic illnesses.

Sister Thabile Mkhize expressed thanks to the Darul Ihsan Relief Team and stated that it was a pleasure to work with the volunteer sisters.

“The patients look forward to the snacks, as they leave home early in the morning to receive treatment at the clinic,” she stated.

She also thanked the team for the surprise donation of the much-needed wheelchair, and stated that she looked forward to a long, lasting relationship with Darul Ihsan Centre.

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