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Al Ihsan Caregiver Course Success

Al Ihsan Skills continue to provide basic empowerment for our community. Among its projects is the Al Ihsan Caregiver Course. Hereunder is a deep and sincere expression of appreciation for the initiative. The graduate reached out with words of thanks and earnest gratitude for the lessons provided.

“When I came here, I didn’t know anything about caregiving,” she stated. “But I came out knowing so much.”

She expressed appreciation for her teacher; Sister Rowida; concerning the wise and life-changing lessons she imparted. "She went beyond her call, making sure students were provided with everything they needed. Importantly lunch and taxi fare is also provided."

“It is said that in life you learn something from everyone you meet,” she said. “I am sure that I have learnt so much and will surely pass it on. I will use it in all areas of my life.”

The student expressed deep gratitude to Darul Ihsan Humanitarian Centre for her life changing experience, and that she would proudly promote the word of the Centre’s good work.

Darul Ihsan Media Desk

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